About Us(me)

Action Clothing Company is a small business that began in 2019 as an informal venture. It was started by myself, Henry Schroeder and as a cyclist, my initial idea was to produce casual cycling related apparel so that people could display their love of the sport. The business was formalised in 2020 with the registration of a company. After a lot of  trial and plenty of errors, Ride Gear was properly launched at the end of May 2020. Each shirt is hand printed with passion by me using one of various methods available, depending on the design. 

While all plans to have a physical presence at cycling events have been temporarily scuppered by the Covid-19 situation, no enthusiasm has been lost and my mind is constantly busy trying to come up with new design ideas that cyclists will enjoy. All ideas are welcome.

This is a pic of me in fitter and faster times when I actually had time to ride every day. 

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